doTERRA essential oils are powerful natural tools for wellness

In our home, doTERRA essential oils, provide us with safe and natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products.

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My Essential Oils Journey

I remember the day that I realized that the very things I thought were cleaning my home were actually making it more toxic.  As a life-time allergy sufferer, my sensitivity to air quality prompted an active pursuit of more natural alternatives to literally clean up my life. 

doterra essential oils yoga collection

Armed with an eco-friendly lifestyle book, a few basic kitchen supplies and a few essential oils I whipped up cleaning products.  Not only did I LOVE how it felt to clean my house, but I loved aromatherapy uplifted me in the process. 

Fast forward a decade later and I'm still making my own cleaning products, but I've learned countless other ways to infuse my life with more natural tools-- we use essential oils for immune support, emotional support, cleaning, respiratory support, cooking and much  more.

Oils are one of the most powerful and most-used tools for wellness on a daily basis!

A lot of research went into my decision to use doTERRA.  I spent countless hours reading about different companies and learning about essential oils and why what you use does matter.  As a Mom, I wanted to know exactly what I'm using in the air, on their precious skin and to clean little toys. If you want to read about why doTERRA is different, click here.

Your Wellness Journey

Joining doTERRA is joining a community! Getting started can be daunting, but that’s why when you join with me you will be connected to lots of resources and info to get you started using oils safely. In no time, you’ll be replacing chemical and pharmaceutical products and feeling empowered in the process. Click here to learn how to order your oils.